The Phases


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North is red, that direction of healing. With this direction we picture snow covered earth. This is a period of time where our prayers are working and the momentum of our lives has to change direction. This change that our heart goes through heals the spirit and our lives. When we drink it goes against our nature, it kills our spirit and our dreams. With prayer we will heal and begin the steps to a new vision that is our life. Alcohol and drugs wash away our spirit and our identity of who we are as people. The road back to our family and our lives may take some time, be patient.



South direction is white, the spirits come from there and they help us and listen to us on this journey.

The reverence we need to hold in our hearts for ourselves and the prayers we asked for. We will get tested on this path looking for sobriety. In all religions there are stories of being tested, the most well known is the story of Jobe.

We must not turn our backs on the prayers we put in play. Just because we stopped the behavior that brought us to this point in our lives, does not mean we walk away scot free. It takes time to let that old way of life come to an end.

Past decisions and actions may take some time to slowly fade away. Believe in yourself and your prayers, the spiritual path ahead of you is worth the effort.



East is yellow, the direction of the future. It’s the direction where we live our prayers. As we pray for a new life and a sober life, the main thing is to recognize when our dreams and prayers start to come back to us. Living sober we can build on the ability to be in the right place at the right time. Our prayers are powerful and with consistency in our lives we have a better chance to have a good future. We must learn to protect ourselves and our prayers and be vigilant to the people and things that will throw us off our path. The term red road can be interpreted as the road of our hearts. In truth it’s the road of our prayers. Have a direction and a destination with your prayers. Never lose sight of where you don’t want to be! It’s easy to get lazy and sucked back in to the old life.



The direction to the west to me is the beginning, that direction allowed me to pray for a new life, in the moment when I hit rock bottom and I faced who I am and where my addiction led me.

I had to pray and change my behavior.

With prayer came change and a chance. A chance to have a new attitude and to be ready to live and not to fail by using drugs and drinking.

No one will see this happen, it’s all in your heart. And the spirit to the west will know what’s in your heart.