About Native Recovery

Our Team

Mark Foster
Program Supervisor

Mark Foster’s goal is to support people in finding sobriety through tradition and ceremony. His journey started 25 years ago, as he was facing a life sentence in Donovan state prison. He was given the opportunity to pray in the sweat lodge, and there he found his spirit and the strength to face his life where his addiction left him.

He shares his testimony to people of all nations in regards to the healing power of the sweat lodge. Mark is instrumental in assisting fellow Natives, both reservation and urban, in finding culturally congruent treatment in the San Diego area.

Mark is well versed on customary Sundance ceremonial healing and a certified Wellbriety Medicine Wheel and 12 Steps facilitator. He has worked in the substance abuse industry for several years, bringing solutions to communities in need. He is making a difference and guiding many to sobriety and a healthy life, including breaking cycles of addiction caused by intergenerational trauma

Stay Focused. Have a Plan. Seek Help.

If your goal is to have a better life and better relationships, then it's time for you to get on your path to recovery.

On my path to sobriety I spent a lot of time working on myself and finding things to do now that I didn’t drink. Working out, yoga, running were things I instilled to occupy my time and bring a balance back to a healthy body. The most overlooked aspect of recovery is meditation. It's power to clear the mind and reconnect with the spirit is reflective of vision quest and searching for tunkashilla in ceremony. Some times we need to just reflect on our decisions and pray.

This will be a journey and with tunkashilla we can make this spiritual path happen today, having hope in our lives day to day is how we will make it, everyday as natives we need to pray for strength to overcome alcoholism and substance drug abuse, we do that with prayer.

We are a group of passionate individuals in recovery including indigenous men and women. Our mission is helping our Native relatives to recover.

This program is for both men and women who are tribal members and are willing to make a commitment to completing the treatment program.